Celebrating Damietta

The Christian and Muslim forum in Kidapawan City was the third of the series of fora commemorating the 8th centenary celebration of St. Francis’ and the Sultan’s meeting in 1219 in Damietta, Egypt. The speakers Fr. Antonio Ma. Rosales OFM and Ustadz Abubakar S. Palalisan delivered their scholarly reflections of that historical meeting. Invited panel reactors namely, Ms. Sotera Sarda, OFS, Mr. Zabide D. Andie, Fr. Armando Labora and Mr. Datucan S. Usman enriched the conversation with their personal experiences and commitment to interreligious dialogue. The occasion was graced by the presence of the members of the Franciscan families and some Muslims friends. The day culminated with the launching of the Itinerant Dialogue Community (IDC) and the exhibit room in Damietta House featuring literature, art works, photos of more than 30 years history of Franciscan involvement in interreligious dialogue in Mindanao. Congratulations to Tope Villanueva OFM, Dante Barcelona OFM, Tita Romero OFS and the members of the OFS and Friends of Francis and Clare (FFC) of Kidapawan City who worked behind the success of the event.