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We, the members of the Franciscan Custody of St. Anthony of Padua - Philippines (CSAPP), on our common understanding of dialogue, with the desire to commit ourselves to live it through these affirmations: 

  that, it is an innate reality as a way of being human, Christian and Franciscan.  As human beings, it is a reality manifested in our lives.

  that, as Christians we believe that God is its source, which calls us to take part in it, by following the example of Jesus in relation to the Father and the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

  that, following the life and example of St. Francis of Assisi, our founder and father, dialogue is an indispensable expression of our response to the call to live in the spirit of minority (being at the service of others) and brotherhood to all.

  that, it encompasses all dimensions and expressions of our human existence, in the way we relate to God, to the self, to others and to all of creation.

  that, it is not just a component of life, or a tool or skill in doing evangelization, and much less an office or a function for animation, because life itself is an expression of dialogue.

  that, renewed by this common understanding of it, we want to take this to heart and express it in the concrete situations of our lives and ministries, guided by the five priorities of our religious Order, which are: prayer and devotion, fraternity, formation, minority, mission and evangelization.

  that, aware of the need to constantly read the signs of the times in our ever evolving world, as well as respond to the call of the Church, we commit to live the original inspiration of our presence as a Franciscan entity in the south to give testimony to dialogue particularly in the multi-cultural and religious pluralism in Mindanao.

  lastly, we want to embark on this journey inspired by the values of contemplation, humility, simplicity, sincerity, solidarity, sensitivity, respect and acceptance of others, listening with the heart, impartiality, courage, joy and most of all, love and compassion.