A joyful fraternity in Mission and Dialogue, relying on God's providence, with a witnessing lifestyle as brothers to creation, promoting justice and peace, in solidarity with the excluded.


We the friars of the custody of St. Anthony of Padua in the Philippines see that our lives become parables of God's reign:

a.) Our joyful reliance in God's providence inspires us to pursue daring goals, so that the Franciscan presence is an instrument of our Order and the Church to reach all God's people especially in the "Visayas and Mindanao".

b.) Not only those whom we serve are cared for sacramentally, but the hungry are fed, the thirsty given drink, and the sick visited.

c.) Our joyful way of life touches the way other people live, hence, love and forgiveness, justice and peace, and respect for God's creation prevail. God's word is preached by the everyday life and values of our parishioners, students, and every person we serve.


Inspired by the life and example of St. Francis of Assisi,

a.) We serve God's people in Visayas and Mindanao, primarily the poor, the sick and the excluded as well as peoples throughout the world.

b.) Our primary means of evangelization is our joyful witnessing, as seen in our simple lifestyle, our immersion in the communities that we serve and work with, our fraternal love for one another, our respect for God's creation, and our overwhelming reliance on God's providence.

c.) Our involvement in institutionalized ministries is determined not by our ownership or control, but by our sense of stewardship and the impact of our evangelization efforts in such ministries. Our friar's communities are to be abodes of fraternal love and prayer because this is our way of witnessing and also our means of supporting and spiritually sustaining one another.


Custodial Council

Renee C. Dean, OFM
Neil J. Badillo, OFM
Vicar Custos
Gilbert G. Bagaloyos, OFM
Alan L. Arcebuche, OFM
Juanito O. Lebosada, OFM
Ferdinand L. Mercado, OFM


Secretary for Formation and Studies


of Franciscan Intensification Year

Francis C. Moneda, OFM

Post-Novitiate Director

Neil J. Badillo, OFM

Master of Novices

Gilbert G. Bagaloyos, OFM

Master of Postulants

Alberto L. Dano, OFM

Master of Aspirants

AJaime Raul M. Yakit, OFM

On-going Formation Team

Ministerial Formation Coordinator

Randy G. Rendora, OFM


Alberto M. Sekito, OFM

Lay Brothers Specialization Coordinator

Dennis T. Tayo, OFM


Secretary for Missions and Evangelization/FDP Coordinator

Dennis T. Tayo, OFM

Animator for Missions

Prescilo A. Salomon, OFM

School Pastoral Ministry Coordinator

Jovito M. Malinao, OFM

Parish Ministry Coordinator

Royce G. Trinidad, OFM

Health Care Ministry Coordinator

Hernan Emmanuel A. Senador, OFM

Mass Media Ministry Coordinator

Mark Joy G. Basallajes, OFM

Spiritual Ministry Coordinator

Noniel R. Pe, OFM

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Dante L. Barcelona, OFM

New Forms of Evangelization and Mission Coordinator

Christopher B. Villanueva, OFM


Custodial Secretary

Errol R. Ortiz, OFM

Custodial Bursar

Seth F. Monet, OFM

Custodial Communications Director

Mark Joy G. Basallajes, OFM

FDO Director

Renee C. Dean, OFM

Vocation Animator

Dante L. Barcelona, OFM

JPIC Coordinator

Allan Jose L. Arcebuche, OFM

Service for Dialogue Coordinator

Christopher B. Villanueva, OFM

Office of Custodial Archives Coordinator

Salvador D. Cerbito, OFM

Custodial Financial Board Chairperson

Neil J. Badillo, OFM